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Gear Review: Duckworth Vapor Snorkel Hoody

Updated: Apr 22

two men fly fishing and throwing a beer to a buddy


Someone recently asked what my most versatile piece of clothing was. It didn't take me long to answer - my Vapor Snorkel Hoody from Duckworth.

I wear this piece solo in warmer temps and as a base layer in cooler weather. Because it is so lightweight, moisture wicking and able to regulate body temperature, it goes with me everywhere, all year long, from spring and summer fishing trips, to fall backpacking outings, bike rides, upland hunts and chasing big game in the mountains, to winter skiing and snowshoeing. I wear it while training, to the office, and even going out.

At 150 GSM, and featuring a hood, quarter-zip neck and thumb loops, it is my catch-all, multi-function layer.

The Vapor Snorkel Hoody retails for $120.

a man wearing a Duckworth hoody and camo while hunting

What I like:

1. Material - Made with Duckworth's proprietary Vapor Wool fabric (38% Montana Merino Wool, 50% recycled Polyester, 12% Modal), the Vapor Snorkel Hoody is lightweight, soft, temperature regulating, antimicrobial (odor-free), moisture wicking, and ultra-fast drying.

2. Fit - Not too loose and baggy and not too tight and restricting with the perfect amount of stretch, this hoody hits the sweet spot for me in terms of fit as a base or a stand alone layer.

3. Smart Features - The looser-fitted hood, quarter-zip neck and built-in thumb loops are all small but smart features - especially when using in a wide range of fluctuating temps. When it's cooler or windy I love having the hood, the neck zipper, and the thumb loops to add a little warmth and protection. When I get warm, it's easy to dump the hood, unzip the neck and ditch the thumb loops to shed a little heat. The hood is also really nice for super sunny days on the water.

4. 100% American Made - from single-origin Montana Merino Wool.

two men grilling next to a drift boat by the river while fly fishing

What I don't like:

This is a first. While I primarily review gear that I like and recommend, I've never reviewed a product where I couldn't find a single drawback or at least a consideration or two, but not this one.

I'm cautious using the "p" word, but this hoody might just be perfect. If I could wear it every single day, I would.

man holding a brown trout while fly fishing wearing a Duckworth vapor hoody and ball cap

Perfect For: Straddling the lines of solo layer, baselayer, and on-the-town hoody, Duckworth's Vapor Snorkel Hood is the perfect catchall garment for anglers, hikers, backpackers, hunters, skiers, bikers, runners, and climbers.

Stars: 5 out of 5

Learn More Here.

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