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Gear Review: Whiskey Leatherworks Pheasant Pattern Dog Leash and Collar

Updated: Mar 7


Google German Shorthaired Pointer and you'll likely notice one common theme in the description: "needs plenty of vigorous exercise". My 12-year-old female named Lucy is no exception. This dog needs a lot of exercise. My wife and I take turns with daily walks and in the summer she's often in the pool or the lake to burn some of that energy. But in the winter she needs to get out and run. That's our Sunday routine.

While Lucy has never been a hunting dog for us, the girl can hunt with the best of them when called upon. And it's all purely instinct. Zero training from this owner.

Lucy turned 12 this past November 1st and, in addition to getting her a new bed, I wanted to get her a new collar and leash too. Something special. That's when I found the collection of leashes and collars handmade by Whiskey Leatherworks out of Missoula.

The WLW leashes are built to last - made from highly-durable 1" webbing, a 6/7 ounce Latigo leather and solid brass components. The same is true of the matching collars. And that quality was a large part of the appeal. But what really drew me in were the patterns which are available in Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Tarpon and Redfish (if you know me at all you already understand where this is going) but also in Grouse and Pheasant. At first it seemed like such an easy choice, Brown Trout - my favorite of all the trout. But then a little voiced creeped in reminding me that as a Michigander I really ought to choose the Brook Trout. Agh. Ok. Brook trout it is. But that Pheasant pattern is so cool. And really for a GSP isn't that only right, despite the owner's deficiency in said sport? Yes. Pheasant. I quickly placed the order before visions of Cutties clouded my judgement once more.

What I like: First and foremost I love the quality of these products, even more so knowing they were handmade by a craftsman from a family-owned business. And clearly the patterns are a unique draw, offering a way to express the passion and personality of the owner and the dog. Last, they are affordable with the collar coming in at $35 and the leash only $39.

What I don’t like: There's nothing not to like about these products. They are beautiful, unique, high-quality, hand-made and affordable and come in a variety of sizes for any dog.

Perfect for: For me, these products are perfect for outdoors-loving dogs and their outdoors-loving owners. They are unique and a great way to show off your passions while at the same time supporting the efforts of a family business dedicated to high-quality craftsmanship.

Stars: 5 out of 5

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