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Gear Review: Riversmith Quick Release Mount

Updated: Mar 7

RiverSmith Quick Release mount for River Quiver on Silver 4-runner


Maybe I'm just lazy...

If you recall my previous review of the Riversmith 4-Banger River Quiver (if you don't, you can find it here), you'll probably remember me saying this:

"I hate breaking down my fly rods when heading out on a fishing trip or even more so when I'm simply moving from spot to spot, preferring instead to keep them assembled and ready to roll."

And that is what led me to getting the River Quiver in the first place. It solved that problem perfectly, offering the convenience, strength, security, aesthetic, and easy installation I was looking for.

But it did have one drawback (being both Type-A and sometimes lazy): it could be a bit of a hassle to take on and off my vehicle. And that was especially troublesome for someone who loves a clean car but hates washing it himself. To take the 4-Runner through the car wash I had to remove the River Quiver each time. Was it a huge deal? No. But it was enough of an annoyance that I would sometimes forego using it, because I didn't want to take the time for the on and off (and really didn't want to wash my own car). So the convenience it provided was partially offset by it's lack of use.

But, it appears I'm not the only lazy (and Type-A?) customer of Riversmith, and I was very excited when they recently launched a new quick-release mounting option for the quivers. This custom-designed mounting system allows folks to install, lock/unlock, and remove the River Quiver from a vehicle at any given time in just minutes. The Quick Releases are modified versions of Küat® (who they partnered with) quick-release mounts, and work on any crossbar system.

They run $199 for the 4-banger model (4 pieces) which I have, and $99 for the 2-banger model (2 pieces).

Close up of River Smith Quick Release mounts for River Quiver on roof bar

(Photo courtesy of Riversmith)

What I like:

Convenience: Yep, lazy, Type-A person problems solved. With the quick-release mounts I can put on and take off the 4-Banger in a matter of minutes. No more excuses and no more washing my own car.

Strength/Stability: I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about how durable these would be, and how well they would hold (they basically strap on and then tighten down). Well, I had nothing to fear. The super strong, stainless-steel-reinforced rubber-straps tighten down very securely with a 4mm adjustable bolt on the end – ensuring a snug, stable, slip- free fit (I gave mine the miles-of-bumpy-gravel-road and driving-through-a-monsoon tests before posting this review). For an even quicker install grab one of these, you'll thank me.

Flexibility: The quick release mounts are built to rock back and forth as needed for a little bit of mobility during install and for easier fitting on the curves of some roofs and bar systems.

Secure: The quick release mounts lock up nicely so those with ill intentions aren't able to enjoy the same "easy-to-remove" privileges I am.

Riversmith 4-banger River Quiver on Silver 4-runner

What I Don't like:

Attaching: One thing to keep in mind when purchasing the quick release mounts is that they ride lower (quite a bit) than the standard mounts. For this reason, and because I was mounting to my factory roof bars (which also sit low), attaching and tightening the strap was still a slight pain because I didn't have a lot of room to maneuver (I also have a slightly tall vehicle so I had to stand in my door well to get at the straps). The "rockers" on the mounts definitely made this easier, and I'm sure with practice I'll get much quicker with the on and off (it's already much faster than before). I'm also planning to add aftermarket crossbars which will raise the height a little, making everything easier to access.

Upside-Down Mounting: One other thing to keep in mind with the lower ride of the quick releases (made even worse by my low factory bars) is that for proper clearance the River Quiver needed to be mounted upside down on my vehicle. It actually works pretty slick this way, but for a (sometimes vain) Type-A person having the logo upside down was a little troubling. Needless to say, I got over it quickly, and this should be resolved when I add aftermarket crossbars.

Riversmith 4-banger River Quiver with Quick Release mounts on a truck

(Photo courtesy of Riversmith)

Perfect for: The Quick Release mounts are perfect for River Quiver owners who are looking for the convenience of quick on-and-off attachments (especially if they hate washing their own cars).

Stars: 5 out of 5

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