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Gear Review: Native Eyewear Ashdown Polarized Sunglasses

Updated: Mar 7


I seem to always be wearing sunglasses. Whether I'm fishing or hiking or shooting, out in the boat, on the beach or just driving - it almost feels unnatural when I'm not wearing them. And I'll admit, I have a few pair. Ok, maybe more than a few. While each pair theoretically has a special purpose (lake fishing, river fishing, ocean fishing, shooting, driving, back-up pair, back-up to the back-up pair, etc) there's one set that is pretty much my go-to in every situation; the one I find myself reaching for most often. My Native Ashdowns with the Bronze Reflex Polarized lenses.

The Ashdowns are named for the remote Ashdown Gorge Wilderness in southwestern Utah, so immediately you get the sense that these glasses are crafted for adventure. They are extremely light, very durable and feature Native's impact resistant N3 Polarized Lens Technology (read more about the technology here: And the lenses are interchangeable. Beyond that, the Ashdowns are just plain comfortable to wear - owing some of that to fit (I have a small-ish head so not all glasses fit well) and their trademarked Cushinol nose pads and temple tips. The glasses come with both a hard and soft case and feature Native's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

What I like: In short, everything. These glasses are light and durable, feature incredible lenses, especially good for fishing and are just not fussy. Plus they fit really well and they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Often I forget I'm even wearing them.

What I don’t like: There's honestly not much to say here. The lenses are plastic (versus glass - which adds to the lightness) but they are still pretty durable - although through years of hard wear I have put a couple scratches in them. And they aren't exactly cheap, retailing for $119. But for what they are, the price seems very appropriate.

Perfect for: For me, the Ashdowns are that perfect "do-all" pair of sunglasses. They'll hold their own against any polarized glasses on the market for fishing and at the same time they're perfect for driving, chilling in the boat, shooting and backpacking. They are light, durable, comfortable and not fussy in any way.

Stars: 5 out of 5

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