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Gear Review: Millennium M150 Hang-On Treestand

Updated: Mar 7


I have trouble sitting still for a long time. Ok, sometimes even for a short period of time. Part of it is just the way I’m wired – I always want to know what’s around the next bend, over the rise or through the wood-line. The other part of it comes down to comfort, especially when sitting in a tree stand. Wearing the right clothing helps a ton but having a comfortable tree stand has always been a bit of a dilemma. I’m not a fan of climbers and don’t really like ladder stands so I typically use hang-ons. When I set out to purchase my last stand I wanted something that would be comfortable enough for an all-day sit – no small feat for me. I did a ton of research and read a number of reviews before I laid my hard-earned cash down. My choice: the Millennium M150. After a full season including a full-day sit on Michigan’s gun opener here are my thoughts.

What I like: There’s a lot to like about this stand. First off, it’s massive. Truly. With a platform measuring 37” x 24” you have some room to stretch out. Second, it is very comfortable. The folding seat with backrest lets you sink in like it’s your favorite Lazy Boy and you don’t get the stiff back. It has a generous footrest, and the ability to adjust both the seat height and the stand angle (think non-straight tree) really let you dial in to what works for your body type and tree situation. Last, the receiver set up is slick. If you are not familiar, the M150 comes with a receiver that attaches to the tree and then the stand slides into the receiver and connects to the tree, quite simply. It’s beautiful because of how easily it sets up but also because it allows you to set receivers in multiple locations (receivers are about $20) but only need one stand.

What I don’t like: It’s hard to find much not to like about this stand, but here are a few things I noticed. First, the stand is a bit pricey, retailing for around $250 – although I have seen it go on sale for about $200. Second, the seat is so large that it extends a good bit out over the platform – which itself is large. At times I found it a little clumsy to navigate around the platform or take a standing shot without folding the seat up and the seat needs to clip to stay in the upright position. Last, it is big and it weighs in at just under 20 pounds – with the built-in shoulder straps it does carry nicely but it’s not something you would want to drag for miles.

Perfect for: All-in-all I am extremely happy with this purchase and found that the stand gave me exactly what I was looking for: enough room, adjustments and an insanely comfortable seat to allow me to sit for a long period time. This stand is perfect for the gun or bow hunter wanting to sit for long hours or even all day, especially during the rut. With the purchase of a few extra receivers it is also nice for people the want to set multiple locations but only hang (and buy) one stand.

Stars: 4.5 out of 5

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