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Gear Review: Costa Seeker 75-Liter Duffle Bag

Updated: Mar 14

Man looking at the water wearing the Costa Seeker Duffle as a backpack


I had been searching for a new travel bag for a while but wasn't really sure which route I wanted to go. Rollerbag? Duffle? Backpack? I could see advantages and disadvantages to each.

For my longer adventures (7+ days) I typically bring a giant duffle that I check and then I carry on a small waterproof backpack. The oversized duffle is great and can gobble up a ton of clothing and gear (when backpacking I even transport my entire backpack and camping set up inside of it), but it's a major pain to carry and doesn't organize well at all. The small backpack is perfect for a few items items and functions as a good day pack when out and about, but it does not provide nearly enough room for even a light weekend. When my wife and I vacation we often use larger, roller-bag style luggage and that works fine for what it is, but can still be less than ideal in certain scenarios.

Inside image of the Costa Seeker Duffle
Image provided by Costa

What I was looking for was something that would be large enough for a full week if needed, but small enough that it wasn't too much for short weekend getaways, easy to carry, offered protection from the elements, and good organization.

Enter the new, 75-liter Seeker Duffle from Costa. The first question I had when I found the Seeker was, is this a duffle, a backpack, or a boat bag? The answer turned out to be "yes."

The Seeker has straps that can function for carrying the bag like a duffle or that can be worn as backpack. It is water resistant (IE boat bag), features a large opening for easy packing, foldable inner dividers for internal organization, inner mesh pockets (and waterproof interior zip pocket), an outer zip pocket, and outer daisy chains for attaching extra gear.

The Seeker Duffle retails for $140

Clothing and gear packed into the Costa Seeker Duffle Bag

What I like:

Size: The Seeker Duffle measures approximately 24 inches long, by 14 inches wide, and 10 (ish) inches tall. It's more than enough for a long weekend and can work for a week-long trip if you pack smart. It's right on the border in terms of being able to be used as a carry-on. Most airlines can accommodate a 24-inch carry-on, but not all – generally speaking, 22" x 14" x 9" is the most widely accepted size. But, given the soft sides and flexible nature of the bag, I think you could get away with it, especially if you talk nicely to the flight attendant (I haven't tried).

Water resistant: The material of the Seeker is water resistant (plus it includes a fully waterproof inside pocket) which makes it perfect for travel in inclement weather or around water (plus easy cleaning) and especially useful as boat bag too. Think Seychelles.

Organization: With a variety of interior pockets (five including the waterproof inner zip pocket), an outer zip pocket, two foldable inner dividers, and outer daisy chains for attaching extra gear the Seeker makes organizing gear really simple.

Comfort: In my experience the Seeker functions best as a backpack – it carries weight nicely with padded shoulder straps and a comfortable fit.

Close up of the exterior straps and handles of the Seeker Duffle Bag

What I don't Like:

Saggy: As I mentioned above, the Seeker carries nicely as a backpack. As a duffle it's a little "saggy," for lack of a better word. Like most duffles it doesn't have a lot of structure to it, which is fine if that is your expectation, just don't be fooled by the shape into thinking this is the same as a roller bag or more traditional luggage. The same holds true for the inner dividers, they are flexible, not rigid. Generally speaking it carries very much like a traditional duffle when not worn as a backpack.

Opening: Ok this is admittedly a picky point, but the way the handles/straps are situated can make it slightly (and I mean slightly) difficult to open the bag with the zippers when the straps are cinched down to their tightest.

Clothing and hat packed into a Costa Seeker Duffle Bag

Perfect for: The Costa Seeker Duffle is perfect for long weekend trips, week-long travel if packing is light, or as boat/beach bag. The backpack carry option makes it easy to use, the interior pockets and dividers keep everything organized, and the water resistant materials protect the contents from the elements.

Stars: 4.5 out of 5

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