Allen Outside

Thanks for taking the time to peruse my ramblings.


I developed this site as a place to write about the things I really enjoy outdoors: hiking, fishing and hunting. It's essentially my therapy, but you are welcome to join me on the couch. Here I will talk about some of my trips and adventures (or more likely mishaps), wax eloquent (sarcasm) about fishing and dogs and family and getting old, share some tips (most of which were learned the hard way) and review gear. 


Along the way, I will likely hit on a few other topics such as books I’ve enjoyed, interesting apps for outdoor pursuits, thoughts on conservation, and stories and advice from various friends in the know. Through it all I hope to provide some inspiration and insight or, at the very least, give you a chuckle.


Please note I am neither a well-penned author given to beautiful prose nor a professional photographer with a ten-thousand-dollar camera and an eye for detail - any decent photo on this page was likely taken by one of my more talented friends. I’m just a guy who likes to be outside and being able to share that passion with other like-minded folks.